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New (and Unproven) Technology May Seem Like a Risk

Contact center technology is evolving rapidly. So if you're a customer care manager, it's understandable that you're wary of adopting new solutions before they have a documented track record of success. What you may not realize, however, is that these new advances are simply improvements on existing solutions to make them more usable and price competitive. As you go through your upgrade cycle, consider leveraging matured technologies like speech recognition and voice biometrics.

Initial deployments of speech recognition, speech synthesis and voice recognition were clunky and difficult to use. With the latest advancements in speech recognition, recognition is much more accurate and text-to-speech engines now are able to generate dialog that sounds almost human. More importantly, advanced solutions such voice biometrics can now be used to authenticate and sometimes identify callers.

But Waiting to Embrace New Advancements Is Also a Risk

Also, with the growing concern around security, your call center must address the important issue of caller authentication and verification. Speech recognition solutions have now matured to address security issues, and many centers need to adopt and implement the technology before an incident occurs. Waiting to leverage the technology will likely expose your company to security vulnerabilities that may compromise your data.

Our Partnership Strengthens Your Security

Through our strategic partnership with Nuance, we are positioned on the front lines of call center security innovation, with new and improved speech recognition, speech synthesis and voice biometric technologies that provide leading-edge solutions for data security and caller authentication. In addition, MicroAutomation maintains a vendor agnostic reputation, which enables us to work with all different call center technologies and telephone switching environments. Our broad base of experience allows us to recommend the right technology for your call center without bias.

Upgrade Your Potential for Agility and Growth

Our vendor agnostic approach allows us to advise and guide you on the best way to upgrade your contact center. Upgrading your call center today will allow you to take advantage of technology trends in cloud-based computing that can supplement or replace much of your existing contact center operations.

Call center solutions and technologies today are primarily software-based, which means call centers can leverage virtual machine environments and implement geographically redundant solutions with minimal hardware investment. Moreover, cloud solutions can be utilized in conjunction with customer premise solutions to provide unlimited scalability and flexibility.


Enhanced Diagnostics Dashboard to Monitor Your Delivery Chain
Through the use of advanced monitoring techniques and real-time notification based upon rules defined by you, MicroAutomation's Enhanced Diagnostics Dashboard (EDD) goes beyond traditional monitoring solutions that simply monitor the availability of primary servers and components. With EDD, the critical systems and activities that make up your transactions are proactively monitored and exercised to ensure transactions can be successfully completed.

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Nuance Speech Products for Small and Medium Business Markets
As a strategic partner of Nuance, MicroAutomation has the responsibility of fulfilling product purchase on behalf of Nuance for the small and medium business market. At MicroAutomation, we not only provide fulfillment services for Nuance, we also readily offer installation services and technical guidance for the complete set of Nuance products.  In addition, MicroAutomation offers Nuance products on GSA schedule for Federal and State customers.

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Consulting Services Designed to Boost Your ROI
Our MicroAutomation "MAVENs" are trusted experts in call center and contact center technologies. They can empower you with strategic insights on best practices for implementing leading-edge call center technologies, helping you improve your customer experience and provide you with the greatest return on your investment.

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