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The Comprehensive Reporting System You Need


The Statistics Analysis Manager™ (SAM) is part of our CallCenter Millennium Series™ of products. SAM is a comprehensive data collection and reporting system that gives your call center managers the up-to-the-minute historical and/or real-time reporting information they need to effectively manage infrastructure and human resources for peak call center performance.


How the Statistics Analysis Manager™ Works

SAM collects detailed information from your telephone switch about every inbound and outbound call and tracks both call activity for the call center, as well as agent activity. This data can then be used with important management information from other sources in your call center to provide comprehensive call center reports. This will give call center managers more power to assess call center performance and productivity and also allows business managers to assess results, such as the bottom line impact of a telemarketing campaign or improvements in customer satisfaction levels.

Well-Suited for a Wide Range of Environments

SAM is designed to operate in a wide range of call center and information system environments. As a component of MicroAutomation’s CallCenter Millennium Series of call management solutions, SAM smoothly integrates with many switches and server environments. In a typical information systems environment, SAM stores management data in a standard relational database. SAM can be configured to gather statistical information for historical reports or real-time call analysis.

Why Reporting Matters for Your Call Center

In call centers, reports are typically used for two things: measuring performance or improving efficiency and productivity. Many government customers use reports to measure performance to ensure they are meeting their Service Level Agreements (SLAs), whereas commercial customers often use reports for continuous improvement of their operations and technology. If you aren't using any sort of reporting in your operations, you are at a severe disadvantage because you will never know how you are performing against your goals.

Streamlined Reporting Designed with You in Mind

Example_Report.pngSAM gathers call center and business data from many sources in the call center and allows the generation of consolidated reports of business information in formats designed for each specific user. So if you're a call center manager or a business stakeholder, never again will you have to wade through reams of unrelated reports from many different sources for performance information of the call center.

How Statistics Analysis Manager™ Can Work for You

With SAM, your call center managers and business managers get the data they need when they need it, in a format that they find easiest to translate into useable information for informed business decision making. More importantly, whether you want to meet your SLAs or drive continuous improvement, reports are the key to measuring your success. With constant review of your reports, you can find ways to improve your processes and applications to enhance your operations.




Statistical Analysis Manager