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Reduce Operating Costs

Reducing Your Operating Costs Is a Balancing Act

If you're like most call centers, you're facing the dilemma of needing to provide superior customer service, while also reducing operating costs. In short, your operations need be effective and efficient. Fortunately, call centers that are run efficiently are often able to reduce costly agent interaction time and improve customer service. The primary costly activity in most call centers is customer interaction by agents.   The goal is to make them efficient as possible to ensure you are getting maximum utilization of this valuable resource.  The best solution is to increase the use of automation, but many people think automation isn't customer friendly. In some cases, they're right. Automation, when implemented poorly, leads to dissatisfied customers and limited use of technology.

Strategic Automation Can Be Your Ally

On the other hand, automation that is implemented strategically – with your customer's experience as the primary consideration – can not only improve the utilization of automation, but can also create loyal and satisfied customers that prefer to use technology over speaking with agents. By reducing customer effort through the careful use of automation, call centers can achieve call center efficiency and increased customer satisfaction.

Find Your Strategic Partner with MicroAutomation

For the past 25 years, we have deployed automated solutions that are designed to be user friendly and reduce customer effort. In fact, a majority of our customers have been with MicroAutomation for over 15 years, leveraging our team of trusted advisors as they address the evolving challenges present in their contact centers.

Solutions that Reduce Cost and Improve the Customer Experience

OmniEngage to Drive ROI
OmniEngage enables you to deliver personalized, interactive customer experiences on today’s communication channels. OmniEngage is available as a cost-effective cloud or on-premise solution that drives improved ROI for legacy investments.

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Interactive Voice Response to Handle the Routine
Our self-service Interactive Voice Response (IVR) solutions allow you to automate routine transactions so that your agents can focus on transactions requiring their expertise. Our IVR solutions boast an impressive 70 to 80 percent containment rate, since we design our IVR solutions to support the way users wish to access information and not the way backend data is organized.

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Interactive Voice Response for Authentication
Our IVR solutions are designed to collect identification and authentication information from your callers and deliver pre-screened information to your agents. Utilizing speech recognition technology, callers are prompted for information and validated against backend databases before being transferred with the collected data to available agents.

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CallCenter Millenium Eliminates Redundancy
CallCenter Millennium is a comprehensive Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) suite of products designed to help you optimize agent performance, improve customer experience and reduce operational costs in your call center. It eliminates the need for callers to re-state information and enables immediate routing of the call to an informed service agent or location with screen pop.

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Enhanced Diagnostics Dashboard Monitors Your Delivery Chain
Our Enhanced Diagnostics Dashboard (EDD) provides end-to-end monitoring and notification for all the components in your delivery chain. With EDD, you will be able to proactively identify and prevent solution or environment impairments from altering the quality of service or end-user experience, based upon rules defined by you.

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Reduce Costs and See ROI in 6 Months

Reducing operating costs while improving customer service is a challenge faced by most contact centers today. With MicroAutomation solutions, you can achieve both by making technology work for you. Our solutions are designed to provide a return on investment within six months.

Proactive Monitoring for the Future

We also continuously improve the automation at most customer environments. Using tools such as our EDD, the MicroAutomation support team continuously monitors and proactively identifies issues before they occur, thereby maximizing the uptime of your call center solutions.



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