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Healthcare spending continues to be subjected to increased scrutiny – whether it is a direct government funded program, private insurance or one of the hundreds of Accountable Care Organizations in the United States. Increasingly, providers are seeing their reimbursements tied to clinical outcomes and other post-discharge metrics.

The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 authorizes the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) to provide incentive payments to eligible professionals (EPs) and hospitals who adopt, implement, upgrade, or demonstrate meaningful use of certified electronic health record (EHR) technology.

We have the products and experience to dramatically change the post-discharge provider/patient experience to improve patient outcomes, reduce provider operating costs, and maximize the CMS reimbursement through the Meaningful Use incentives.


Healthcare provider costs continue to increase while service reimbursement is under downwards pressure. This necessitates the effective use of technology to drive offsetting efficiencies and cost savings, particularly in non-treatment areas. It does not make sense for most providers to invest in dedicated patient service phone agents, thus often professionals are burdened with the task of routine patient and provider calls.

Taking a clinician or nurse away from direct patient care to make routine reminder calls, or worse be interrupted with routine inquiries, crushes departmental efficiency and employee job satisfaction.

Our experience with effective self service solutions, including proactive notification, intuitive patient engagement solutions and proactive interactions can dramatically reduce operating costs and improve the customer experience – both for patients and providers.


Healthcare organizations are constantly seeking new sources of revenue from ancillary services and higher resource utilization. Cancelled appointments and underutilized diagnostic equipment significantly reduce the revenue potential of any facility. One of the greatest causes of missed appointments and ineffective resource utilization is the overall appointment scheduling, cancelling and re-scheduling process. Using professional staff is expensive and providing simple one-directional reminders have proven only marginally effective.

Today’s patients are mobile, real-time and 24/7. They want and welcome the use of fully interactive self-service applications from their smart phones and mobile devices. Building these types of bi-directional and intuitive patient engagement applications will significantly reduce the patient’s effort – thus increase the likelihood they will use this cost effective channel.


Patient data protection is one of the most critical non-clinical concerns of many healthcare organizations. Data loss or breach can result in a punishing financial impact as well as adverse publicity and loss of patient confidence. As patient interaction becomes more automated and includes greater remote access, this data becomes more vulnerable.

The good news is that there are several non-intrusive patient and provider authentication techniques that can virtually eliminate unintended disclosure of patient information. These automated techniques actually provide much greater protection than today’s simple live conversations and verbal authentication challenge questions.


MicroAutomation's Self-Service IVR Solution provides offerings that allowed Noridian to meet all rigorous industry requirments, as well as:

  • Allows Noridian to handle a 30% increase in call volume
  • Saves the company over $6 million in annual call center costs
  • Eliminates call blockage and reduced caller wait time
  • Increases the call containment to 82%

 and more. Download your copy on the right.



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"MicroAutomation delivered a great solution, on time and under tight time constraints. The company's professionals were reliable and lived up to their commitments."

Elisa Elbderbaum, IT Project Manager, Empire Medicare Services

“I can’t thank the MAI team enough for the support they provide on the existing installed base and for the partnership on future technologies to remain relevant to our customer base. You, Amy, Renny, Kevin, Carl, Stephan, Ramya, Chris, etc. the entire team shows their dedication to WPS’ success and it really makes MAI stand out from your competitors.

Jim Gomon, Director, Information Systems, WPS Health Solutions


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