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Optimize Agent Performance

The Failure of Traditional Approaches to High Turnover and Performance

High turnover rates are one of the biggest challenges facing today's modern call centers. In order to uncover why this happens under your own roof, you need to analyze agent performance through quality assurance programs. Unfortunately these traditional labor intensive review processes can often lead to inaccurate results - driving up costs and contributing to agent turnover, rending a call center unable to improve key service level metrics.

A traditional approach typically begins with the quality monitoring team finding and reviewing a random sample of calls from each agent. The results of these screenings are addressed through coaching forms and scorecards. The small sample rates often do not reflect an agent’s actual performance, and quality monitoring team may introduce subjectivity into performance evaluation. The results are slow, inefficient feedback loops, with agents typically only receiving feedback once or twice per month.

How to Spend Less and Get Better Results

If you want to be effective in addressing agent performance and turnover issues in your call center, you need to move to scoring 100 percent of all agent touchpoints with customers, such as phone calls, chat, email and social interactions. Your analytics should provide immediate and continuous feedback directly to managers, supervisors and agents.

You will be rewarded with results that are more accurate, effective and timely at significantly lower cost and manual effort. Your supervisors will be freed up to spend more time coaching and developing their teams. Your agents will get fair and consistent evaluations with immediate insight into where they are doing well and where they need to improve, resulting in higher job satisfaction and retention rates.

Our Experience and Partnerships Are Your Solutions

At MicroAutomation, we bring 25 years of project experience in helping call centers improve their agent performance. Our CallCenter Millennium (CCM) product suite, one of our many call center solutions, drives agent effectiveness through screen-pops, customer authentication, agent surveys, and call center wide reporting and analytics. Combined with our partnerships with industry leading companies like CallMiner, we bring to the table software and services that deliver results.

CallMiner's customer experience software automatically scores 100 percent of your customer interactions to evaluate your customer experience

OmniEngage Agent Survey Module provides IVR, text and mobile multichannel scoring of agent interactions

CallCenter Millennium
Our CallCenter Millennium product suite optimizes agent efficiency through screen-pop, customer authentication, and real-time access to key metrics

Consulting Assessments
Our operational assessment provides analysis of customer engagement strategy, quality assurance effectiveness, and systems (ACD, Chat, WFM, IVR, Metrics) with a focus on aligning call center operations to overall business strategy


  • Short-Term
    • Cost Reduction for quality assurance
    • Scoring of 100% of agent interactions
    • Improve agent training, turnover
  • Long-Term
    • Improvement to key service levels - NPS, CES, CSAT
    • Agent specific metrics
    • Agent training, onboarding, and retention


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