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Energy & Utilities


Customer Care executives continue to balance the corporate directive to improve customer service levels while also reducing the overall operating costs. We work with utility clients to optimize self-service across all channels to achieve the improvements in service levels through an intuitive design approach.

Our self-service solution guides customers to the most effective channel to resolve an issue, resulting in costs savings and improved customer experience. Whether to pay a bill, sign up for service, report an outage, or check an account balance, we provide a consistent experience across all channels. Our OmniEngage Utility cloud eliminates legacy IT debt and transitions our customers to a cost effective operational expense model.


Delivering a consistent multi-channel service represents a challenge for energy and utility companies that maintain investments in legacy technology but need to replace or enhance existing systems to support new service channels.

We serve as a trusted advisor to our utility customers to combat the self-interests of contact center software companies seeking complete forklift upgrades to maximize their revenue. We deliver next generation technology, while leveraging legacy systems to control costs. In addition, our managed services approach to technology upgrades avoids the delays and expense involved in retraining legacy staff on new solutions.


Your customers’ expectations for service continue to change at a rapid pace, primarily driven by their experiences with customer service in other industries. Customers demand an effortless experience, with expectations of a holistic, integrated approach across all channels.

Our OmniEngage Utility Cloud provides an integrated solution, with a high level of convenience and 24/7 access across all channels. When service goes out, customers want their utility to proactively notify them with an accurate resolution target. In the event of a billing issue, customers want the problem to be resolved with minimal effort. The key to improving customer experience revolves around the ability to proactively engage a customer when an event occurs before they contact you.

Optimize Agent Performance

Contact center agents within the energy and utility industries face a particularly challenging task in addressing customer needs, when the customer believes they have no other provider. This frequently is seen in repeat calls to verify that a payment was posted, or that service won’t be stopped, or other emotionally charged situation.  Repeatedly dealing with these types of customer interactions is a leading cause of high agent turnover and low job performance.

MicroAutomation focuses on the ‘agent side’ of the equation as being equally as important as addressing the customer side. We build customer interaction solutions with the goal to address the customer’s need for information and assurance of issue resolution – and at the same time reducing the need for live agent conversations. But when an agent is live with the customer, we also equip them with the ability to easily redirect the caller to an appropriate self-service function in an acceptable flow.



"Outbound Dialing component of OmniEngage was able to contact 50,000 customers per hour and over 400,000 per day. An original project with a 9 month timeline and budget of $5M was executed in 90 days at a cost around $750k. Comcast realized an ROI savings of $4M by partnering with MicroAutomation."

Wayne Ramprashad, Executive Director, Call Management and Architecture, Comcast



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