24 May Have You Questioned Your Premise or Cloud Provider’s Support Services?

By: Chad Wright

I work with a lot of companies to assess their current contact center operations and offer guidance on improving service through technology and process adoption. My methodology centers on the premise of reducing customer effort. One of the most overlooked areas with deployed technology solutions is the support services provided by either the reseller or manufacturer. The gaps in post-production support contributes to projects not achieving the stated objectives and do not create an environment that makes it effortless to service your customers. What can we do different?

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19 Mar Driving Return on Investment from Support Services

By: Chad Wright

Traditional Support Services Fail to Add Value

We all have maintenance agreements with our vendors, and when we signed the contract the table listing the response time is likely the only service level agreement that we review. The hardware, software, and solutions from your vendors that support your contact center agents and self-service channels act as mission critical elements to your overall customer support. We need to ask ourselves if our vendors are providing value through the support contract and contributing to the ongoing success of customer service, or do vendors provide no value and consider your support contract nothing more than a revenue stream.

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