13 Sep Customer Service Secret Sauce: Guiding Customers

By: Chad Wright

I recently read an incredible blog post by Lauren McDonald at HeyWire. (And I would recommend that you take a few minutes and read her comments on comparing support channels to the Olympics and awarding the text channel the "gold medal." I'll wait.)

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23 Aug Save Your Customers Time, Use Their Phone Number

By: Jason Domsky

I have a question: Why don’t more companies recognize me when I call? 

Identification is the first key to a successful interaction. Yet, I keep getting asked the same thing every time I call in: "Can I get your account number?" I rarely remember my account number, so this process is inevitably painful and time-consuming.

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19 Aug Customer Care Strategy: Value Your Customer’s Time

By: Chad Wright

Whether your strategic direction involves improving metrics like NPS (Net Promoter Score) and CSAT (Customer Satisfaction) or reducing overall costs, a key element involves demonstrating that you value a customer’s time.

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13 Aug Transaction Monitoring Improves Customer Satisfaction

By: George Michallas

Today’s consumers are well-informed, connected and know what they expect from their interactions with businesses. Not only that, their interactions are electronic, and their loyalty to a brand or business is difficult to hold. Their expectation of instant satisfaction leaves little room for poor performing systems and applications. That means more than ever, transactional success is vital to the realization of customer satisfaction and revenue generation.

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5 Aug Is the IVR Dead or Alive?

By: Chad Wright


I frequently attend the customer service trade shows and themes typically involve education on emerging technologies not yet widely adopted. For example, this year I attended several shows that focused on support for social media platforms like Facebook Messenger or Twitter.

Prior to this rising trend in customer service for social media, web and text chat took center stage as emerging technologies.

Improving the performance of customer service agents is (of course) a hot topic annually at all trade shows.

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