24 Jul IVR capabilities Through The Years: How Does Your System Stack Up?

By: Sachin Duggal

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems have existed for several decades. Over time, this technology has evolved. The most advanced systems are at the vanguard of incorporating Artificial Intelligence into our everyday life. Despite the advancements in voice solutions, many companies have not updated their IVRs. Customer Service expectations are increasing. IVR modernization is a cost-effective way to keep up with demand.

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13 Feb Customer Focused Measures to Keep in Mind

By: Jeff Buzhardt

You’ve taken the first step and moved a self-service/digital deflection customer service model for your contact center. You put together a sophisticated set of checks and caller-driven options to respect your customer’s time.

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7 Dec The One Key to Unlocking the Customer Service Mobile Gateway

By: Jason Domsky

Customers still call customer service for inquires, this has not changed. They want to use other channels to communicate, but as soon as they encounter any form resistance, they call. They then transfer to agents at an alarmingly high rate. What is the “key” to unlocking Digital Deflection? It is their mobile phone number.

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10 Apr Capital One's SMS Notification Evolves Into Customer Interaction

By: Chad Wright

As a customer of Capital One, I signed up to receive SMS notifications when a recent charge hits an account to prevent both fraud and to track online purchases of my four children. The buzz word of the day is “bots” and the need to use natural language and artificial intelligence as the next “game changer” in support of your customers. The Capital One story provides some interesting tidbits on the benefits of a proactive notification strategy and its link to the development of a first generation chatbot.

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13 Mar New Design Methodologies Drive an IVR Revival

By: Chad Wright

The buzz in the customer care industry always tilts in the direction of the shiny new object. Customer engagement on social media, chatbot assistants powered by artificial intelligence, and continued migration to the cloud continue to receive the most press coverage. It appears that a forgotten and perhaps neglected service channel, Interactive Voice Response (IVR), is once again driving customer value and showing up in industry publications due to new design methodologies.

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