13 Feb Customer Focused Measures to Keep in Mind

By: Jeff Buzhardt

You’ve taken the first step and moved a self-service/digital deflection customer service model for your contact center. You put together a sophisticated set of checks and caller-driven options to respect your customer’s time.

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7 Dec The One Key to Unlocking the Customer Service Mobile Gateway

By: Jason Domsky

Customers still call customer service for inquires, this has not changed. They want to use other channels to communicate, but as soon as they encounter any form resistance, they call. They then transfer to agents at an alarmingly high rate. What is the “key” to unlocking Digital Deflection? It is their mobile phone number.

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24 May Have You Questioned Your Premise or Cloud Provider’s Support Services?

By: Chad Wright

I work with a lot of companies to assess their current contact center operations and offer guidance on improving service through technology and process adoption. My methodology centers on the premise of reducing customer effort. One of the most overlooked areas with deployed technology solutions is the support services provided by either the reseller or manufacturer. The gaps in post-production support contributes to projects not achieving the stated objectives and do not create an environment that makes it effortless to service your customers. What can we do different?

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18 Nov Time To Remove Your Customer Service Silos

By: Chad Wright

Now that the Presidential election is beyond us, the last 18 months highlighted what a sharply divided country we live in today. The polarization and passion for political candidates reminded me of customer service channels in the world in which I eat, sleep, and drink. We have witnessed incredible improvements to the much hated interactive voice response (IVR), the launch of text based self-service, Facebook Messenger opened a new channel, and analytics software continues its adoption to drive both engagement and improvements to our agents.

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25 Oct Speech Analytics: How Effective Are Your Agents?

By: Amy Horton

Like most contact care center managers, you probably have some kind of quality control process in place that you use to monitor your agents. Quality control is essential for any call center, but how can you be sure that the process you use is giving you the full picture of how your agents are performing?

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