20 Nov 5 Reasons To Use a Chatbot in my Contact Center

By: Jeff Buzhardt

Anyone who has ever tried to contact a company through a call center knows that the process can be discouraging and repetitive. This is not the case with trying to contact every company on the face of the earth, but you would be lying if you tried to tell me that you have had a pleasurable experience every time you have called customer service. So what can be done to improve the perceived dreadful experience of contacting customer service?

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13 Mar New Design Methodologies Drive an IVR Revival

By: Chad Wright

The buzz in the customer care industry always tilts in the direction of the shiny new object. Customer engagement on social media, chatbot assistants powered by artificial intelligence, and continued migration to the cloud continue to receive the most press coverage. It appears that a forgotten and perhaps neglected service channel, Interactive Voice Response (IVR), is once again driving customer value and showing up in industry publications due to new design methodologies.

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