20 Nov 5 Reasons To Use a Chatbot in my Contact Center

By: Jeff Buzhardt

Anyone who has ever tried to contact a company through a call center knows that the process can be discouraging and repetitive. This is not the case with trying to contact every company on the face of the earth, but you would be lying if you tried to tell me that you have had a pleasurable experience every time you have called customer service. So what can be done to improve the perceived dreadful experience of contacting customer service?

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12 May Aspect ACE 2017 - Faster Forward

By: Chad Wright

After attending the Aspect ACE event and speaking to hundreds of the attendees, I thought I would share my perspective on the event. In full disclosure, MicroAutomation has a product - OmniEngage - that Aspect cloud and premise customers using Aspect CXP leverage to power customer engagement across any channel. That said, we maintain a vendor agnostic approach to best serve our customers and work with a wide range of vendors in the contact center industry. I had a great time at the event and enjoyed speaking to a lot of professionals that are on the front lines of customer service everyday.

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27 Jul Texting Has Become the Channel of Choice

By: Chad Wright

We all read the statistics we might even question their validity but study after study after study continues to repeat the concept that the world has gone mobile. I recently conducted a personal study and attempted to engage 25 utilities in a mobile self-service test. I found the customer care number and via text sent each company the following question: “How do I start service?”

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