19 Oct If You're Using CSAT to Measure Customer Satisfaction, It's Time for Change

By: Chad Wright

As we’ve discussed in the past, there is a measurable difference between what companies think of the service they’re delivering, vs. what their customers think of that same service. We call this the perception gap, in which 80 percent of businesses ranked their service delivery highly, but only 8 percent of consumers agreed with them in their assessment.

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20 Apr Are You Making It Easy for Customers to Abandon You?

By: Chad Wright

I hit two milestones with MicroAutomation recently. First, I celebrated five years of working with an incredible team of call center experts. Second, my work email crossed the 1,000-mark on “junk” mail! (Hooray!) So, on a Saturday afternoon not too long ago, I decided to celebrate this inbox milestone.

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4 Apr The Hidden Cost of Agent Dissatisfaction

By: Scott Fischer

When you're talking about the ROI in the context of a contact center, typically the discussion will almost exclusively center around customer satisfaction. While this measurement is important, there is a potentially larger and more fundamental cost pool that is generally ignored.

How satisfied your agents are with their job.

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31 Mar Are Your Customer Contact Solutions Mobile-Ready?

By: Jeff Buzhardt

It seems like the numbers are finally confirming what we've known to be true for some time...

“The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has been tracking phone use for a decade and the number of households only using cellphones had been rising by about 5 percentage points each year. Lately, the increases have been smaller and last year it only went up 3 percentage points to 41 percent of U.S. homes.”

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16 Mar How Proactive Notification Solutions Can Go Horribly Wrong

By: Chad Wright

I have spent my entire professional career working with companies on the effective use of technology, and I still believe that any IT solution can provide a company with a competitive advantage. Because of this belief, I want to correct the misconception of some (not all!) business decision-makers that silos IT solutions as a "necessary evil" expense item over time, rather than as strategic opportunities that can propel the growth and sustainability of an organization.

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