17 Sep Why You (and Your Agents) Need Natural Language IVR

By: Jason Domsky

Traditional interactive voice response (IVR) systems have many flaws. First, callers are restricted to selecting from the choices the system gives them, which are necessarily limited. In order to interact with a traditional IVR system, customers must work through a series of menus, which many of them find frustrating.

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19 Aug Customer Care Strategy: Value Your Customer’s Time

By: Chad Wright

Whether your strategic direction involves improving metrics like NPS (Net Promoter Score) and CSAT (Customer Satisfaction) or reducing overall costs, a key element involves demonstrating that you value a customer’s time.

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5 Aug Is the IVR Dead or Alive?

By: Chad Wright


I frequently attend the customer service trade shows and themes typically involve education on emerging technologies not yet widely adopted. For example, this year I attended several shows that focused on support for social media platforms like Facebook Messenger or Twitter.

Prior to this rising trend in customer service for social media, web and text chat took center stage as emerging technologies.

Improving the performance of customer service agents is (of course) a hot topic annually at all trade shows.

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17 Jul Yes, Voice Communication Still Has a Place

By: Suresh Gursahaney

Is voice communication dead? 

I was pondering that very question last week while sitting on the beach watching my kids texting and playing on Instagram with their friends, instead of frolicking in the waves. Yeah, sure, they would get up periodically to cool off in the surf; but they spent most of the time texting rather enjoying their surroundings and just talking and playing with one another. 

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7 Jun What's Wrong with Being Small?

By: Suresh Gursahaney

Twenty-five years. This year marks the 25th year for MicroAutomation. Wow, that’s a long time!

A few months ago, when I realized that MicroAutomation has been in existence for almost a quarter century, I found myself reminiscing about the early days and remembering all of the challenges we have faced since we opened our doors.

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