30 Jan Healthy and Sustainable Journey to NG911 for Future Generations

By: Candace Allred

For a little more than two decades, I have had the wonderful opportunity to seek, listen and learn what challenges and magnitude of weight ultimately falls on the decision makers within the state, county, city government entities that I have served across our nation specific to 911 / Public Safety communications. Those that have chosen this path have embarked on a selfless journey that can be extremely rewarding at times. Yet, along this journey, there are serious and sometimes difficult decisions that must be made. 

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14 Mar The Race for Location Accuracy

By: Faysal Tay

The race for location accuracy to 2021 is on!

Back in 2015, the FCC passed a rule requiring carriers to deliver more accurate location data for 80% of calls by 2021. What seemed to be a pie in the sky is slowly becoming a reality.

US regulators caution that 10,000 lives could be saved each year if the 911 emergency dispatching systems were able to get to callers one minute faster.

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7 Sep Telecommunicators - The Forgotten First of the First Responders

By: Jim Dundas

For everyone who dons a uniform and rushes into harm’s way, be it soldier, sailor, marine, airman, firefighter, police officer, or paramedic, public appreciation and accolade is certainly deserved. Having been one, I know and much I appreciated expressions of gratitude and admiration.

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11 Aug Are We Really Ready for Next Generation 911?

By: Jim Dundas

In this business, it is commonly accepted that Next Generation 911 (NG911) will dramatically change the way public safety operates. Perhaps these changes will be as dramatic as the introduction of radio communications in the 1930’s and portable hand-held radios in the 1960’s. Even more remarkable than the launch of Computer Aided Dispatch and mobile data, NG911 will virtually transform the public safety landscape. 

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16 Jun Five NG911 Features That Will Help Your PSAP Be More Effective

By: Jim Dundas

Efficient customer communication is critical to the success of business and industry. Operating a business with poor customer interaction dooms it to failure. A single instance of bad call handling and disjointed call management will ruin a company’s reputation from the customer’s perspective. So many companies operating customer contact centers invest in call management applications that minimize ring and hold times, and provide a streamlined and efficient call processing platform contributing to a positive customer experience.

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