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Mobile Self-Service

Our Mobile Self-Service applications enable smartphone, tablet, and other smart device interactions with your customers to drive down costs while improving the customer experience. Today’s “always on” customer is never far from a smartphone, and the device quickly has become their channel of choice. Smartphone users will reduce inbound call volume, reduce average handling time, as they want to utilize self-service over engaging an agent.

Take full advantage of the power of today’s mobile devices as well as next generation technology to improve customer loyalty, optimize service, reduce contact center costs, and gain competitive advantages. Our Mobile Self-Service platform allows you to integrate channels and leverage functionality such as location-based services to take your self-service apps to the next level.

Improve Customer Experience

  • Mobile self-service applications allow for greater inbound call volume, reduce average handling time, and improve your Customer Effort and NPS scores
  • Deliver Unified Self-Service across communication channels
  • Integrate Location-Based Services to improve customer experience

Drive Revenue Growth

  • Offload routine inquiries from Customer Service Representatives so they can focus on revenue generating transactions
  • Guide customers to this channel to improve self-service utilization
  • Combines customer service transactions with marketing initiative
  • Improved customer loyalty translates into increased wallet share
  • Customers more receptive to upsell when their experience is improved


  • Reduce overall customer service operating costs compared to live agents or other self-service transactions
  • Simplified and streamlined channel switching reduces frustration and shortens overall interaction times


We take a design once, deploy everywhere, approach to mobile self-service. Through the adoption of industry standards such as HTML5, JavaScript, and CSS, our customers do not have to develop a self-service application for each smartphone operating system. The result is a cost-effective and maintainable mobile self-service strategy.

We leverage our thought leadership on Reduce Customer Effort and “Guide Me” principles to develop use case specific “throw away” mobile applications. Our OmniEngage cloud provides the ability to send a mobile web URL via a text, tweet, or email – providing the status of an order, support ticket, insurance claim, checking/savings balances. Our OmniEngage cloud also provides a mobile next generation technology solution that enables you to dynamically change self-service interactions with a personalized approach. Our solution avoids costly “silo” approaches as the solution leverages existing business logic, back-end integration, and resolution flows that exist today on legacy self-service channels.



Self Service Call Center Improvement


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