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A MAVEN is a trusted expert in a particular field, who seeks to pass knowledge on to others. The understanding and knowledge accumulation of our MAVENs focuses on customer service, which allows us to provide innovative best practices while working with existing technology environments to provide the greatest return on investment for clients.

For more than 25 years, we have maintained a core focus in delivering best of breed next generation technology and contact center solutions. Our MAVENs are experts in Contact Center Operations, Process, Design, and Execution. Combined with our approach to reduce customer effort, we can work to improve your customer experience while reducing overall operating costs.

Our team of MAVENs can provide expert consulting that will evaluate your infrastructure, contact center service levels, use cases, and alignment to corporate initiatives. With over 25 years of experience, the forward thinking individuals will help you to build a roadmap to the future.

  • Business process Engineering based on reducing customer effort
  • Use case driven assessments
  • Return on investment modeling
  • Technical project management
  • Request for Information/Request for Proposal management


  • Drive 25% to 50% improvements in self-service utilization
  • Cloud based contact center technology
  • Managed Services


  • Omnichannel customer support
  • Cloud versus Premise
  • Technology Roadmap

Optimize Agent Performance

  • Gamification
  • Speech Analytics
  • Agent Adherence


The conventional wisdom in customer service promotes a strategy of delighting customers by providing service that exceeds expectations. It suggests that by providing customers with moments of “wow,” CSAT (i.e. customer satisfaction) scores will continue to improve and high CSAT scores drive loyalty.

MicroAutomation utilizes an alternative approach based on recent research from the Corporate Executive Board which suggests that reducing customer effort drives loyalty. Industry research shows that customer service should not focus on “offense” (e.g. bending over backwards to please the customer) but instead on “defense” (e.g. preventing customer frustration and delay). The industry research directly links customer effort to customer loyalty – meaning the ability to retain customers, improve your wallet share, and turn customers into advocates for your brand.

At MicroAutomation, our methodology to reduce customer effort is based on three building blocks:

  1. Know Me – Know who I am, understand my issue, personalize my experience
  2. Engage Me – Be proactive, contact me before I am forced to contact you with an issue
  3. Value My Time – Guide me to the fastest resolution, simplify the steps, limit my choices

MicroAutomation focuses on reducing customer effort within our consulting services to drive value to your organization based on assessments, technology recommendations, and process optimization.