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Ensure Call Center Uptime and Monitor Your Delivery Chain


Call center solutions are just one element in a complex delivery chain comprised of computers, servers, databases, backend systems and other software products. Technology for call centers is complex, and the expectation is that these systems are always on and always responsive. However, risks exist throughout the delivery chain – and a problem with any of these solution components can result in a degradation of service or, in some cases, a non-functioning solution.

To ensure maximum uptime of your solution, we have developed the Enhanced Diagnostics Dashboard (EDD) to provide end-to-end monitoring and notification for all the components in your delivery chain.


How the Enhanced Diagnostics Dashboard Works

EDD enables organizations to proactively identify and prevent solution or environment impairments from affecting the quality of service or end-user experience. Through the use of advanced monitoring techniques and real-time notification based upon rules defined by you, EDD goes beyond traditional monitoring solutions that simply monitor the availability of primary servers and components. With EDD, the critical systems and activities that make up transactions are proactively monitored and exercised to ensure transactions can be successfully completed.

The EDD has components, which include:

  • EDD Display Server
  • EDD Notification Module
  • EDD Status Display
  • EDD Remote Monitoring Agents (RMAs)

Each component can be configured for your environment to monitor the key components of your system. However, the EDD Display Server and RMAs are required operational components; the remaining EDD components are optional.

Proactive Determination of Failures in the Call Center

While the industry offers standard monitoring packages for call centers, none of the solutions available today are able to proactively determine when a failure is going to occur. With this shortcoming in mind, we developed EDD to surpass the capabilities of standard monitoring tools by proactively monitoring and testing your system for successful transactions rather than just tracking component availability.

An Experienced Partner on Your Side

MicroAutomation is a full service integrator of call center solutions and provides a broad range of professional services. Our solutions are based on enhancing the caller experience through speech-enabled Interactive Voice Response (IVR); improving live agent efficiency utilizing Computer Telephony Integration (CTI); and providing analytics tools to report on, monitor, and manage each solution element to maximize the overall performance of your call center technology.

Be Proactive and Ready for the Future with EDD

We have designed our EDD product for today’s call center and contact center environments, with the ability to support future technology as it comes available. Through the use of customizable RMAs, EDD can easily support new technology and environments with minimal changes, providing you with the assurances to ensure your critical call center solutions are operating at peak efficiency.




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