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Next Generation 911

As communications technology continues to advance, 911 Public Safety is struggling to keep pace with the evolving standards and mandates. Public safety technology is undergoing a major transition from Enhanced 911 (E-911) to Next Generation 911 (NG911) where communication is rapidly changing from voice calls to voice, text messaging, video, and imaging communications from a variety of devices. The transition to Next Generation 911 requires two major initiatives: 1) upgrading the Public Safety Answering Points (PSAPs) to a SIP architecture that supports the NG911 standards and 2) establishing an Emergency Services IP Network (ESInet) that can deliver Next Generation 911 services to the PSAP.

Our software-based, Omni911 product suite coupled with carrier-grade telephony switching products from our partners allows us to provide inexpensive, flexible, scalable, and reliable solutions for both initiatives utilizing our experience in providing contact center technology solutions for the commercial market for over 25 years.


Our Omni911 product supports Public Safety Answer Points (PSAPs) and emergency operations centers to provide an integrated, “NextGen 911 Ready” user interface for call takers. The Omni911 client application is a powerful touch screen Softphone designed to be easy to use and intuitive so that complex communication tasks can be performed quickly and simply. The application incorporates advanced communication functions such as voice, video, text, and chat into a single application that is suited for legacy E-911 and NG911 environments.


One of the challenges of implementing a new E-911 or Next Generation 911 solution is ensuring the solution optimizes your call taker’s performance. With the expansion of communications beyond standard landline and wireless calls and the need to integrate disparate technologies such as voice, text, radio, and chat, a cohesive and functionally rich solution is required that is customizable.

Our Omni911 and CallCenter Millennium E-911 product suites are designed to be customizable to adapt to your changing technology needs. Developed as a standard Windows application, advanced communication features can be enabled and disabled as desired. More importantly, the application layout can be rearranged to support your preferred tastes and mimic the layout of more popular applications to ease training and transition efforts.


Our subject matter experts provide creative, inexpensive solutions to meet the needs of 911 environments. Creating custom solutions for environments where a legacy telephone system is in operation requires a telecommunications expert that is familiar with telephone switches, networking environments, and evolving 911 standards. Drawing upon 25 years of contact center experience integrating solutions with various telephone switching systems, we are able to design and integrate a 911 solution for you without a forklift upgrade. Not only are our solutions non-intrusive, but they are often able to leverage most of your existing infrastructure to provide a cost-effective solution for your environment.


As institutions and campuses such as airports, universities, and Department of Defense (DoD) bases become more and more secure, the ability to handle local security and emergency issues falls to the emergency services personnel on the campus or base rather than the local municipal emergency services. DoD bases are faced with secure environments that make it difficult for first responders dispatched by the local county to assist with emergency incidents. Similarly, airports and universities need to upgrade their technology to provide localized emergency services to supplement the emergency services available from the local jurisdictions.

We offer 911 solutions for campus and base environments that have the ability to leverage the legacy telephony switching infrastructure and are approved and certified by the DoD Joint Interoperability Test Command (JITC). Look to us for secure, cost-effective 911 solutions designed for campus environments


MicroAutomation’s Enhanced 911 (E-911) PSAP solution provides a scaleable offering that combines all public safety communications into a single communications solution that:

  • Uses open standards technology
  • Measurably improves call response times
  • Integrates automated location information
  • Provides Next Generation 911 capabilities

and more. Download your copy on the right.


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"We have worked with MicroAutomation since 1999. In that time, they fulfilled every requirement, hit every deadline, and their implemented solution has had no downtime, ever."

Ray Windisch, 911 MIS Coordinator, Baltimore County, MD 911

“The relationships we have formed and the level of prompt, courteous response has been outstanding. I know when I have need for information or have an issue, my MicroAutomation contact will support me to provide what I need in a timely manner. It’s been like the business version of the golden rule of treating others the way you want to be treated.”

Linda Rabon, Senior Manager, Security, Government & Infrastructure (SG&I) Division, Intergraph Corporation


Watch our Omni911 demo to see how Omni911's features improve on-the-job efficiency. These features include:

  • Flexible, scalable and customizable user interface
  • Integrated 911 technologies such as ALI, TDD, IRR and Mapping
  • Support for various communication types including voice, video, SMS, MMS and TDD
  • Integrated phone book allowing contacts to be sorted and segmented by user-defined properties
  • Integration with popular CAD and Mapping products
  • Support for legacy and Next Generation 911 environments

…and so many more, all working to maximize call taker productivity and minimize response time. Watch our Omni911 demo now.