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Drive Revenue Growth

Drive Revenue - Not Cost - in Your Call Center

If you manage a call center, you know it is typically regarded as a necessary cost rather than a revenue driver in your organization. That's because the average call center is established to be reactive, addressing customer complaints or handling routine transactions. With that mindset, the opportunities for a call center to contribute to revenue growth are rare.

It's time for a shift in thinking.

Your call center will likely be the only time a customer interacts with you, other than the initial sale. While the ultimate goal of the call center is to address the issues of your customers quickly and effortlessly, there is an inherent opportunity to sell. But only if your agents or your automation has access to given customer information.

Proactive Solutions that Provide Revenue Opportunities

At MicroAutomation, we offer a suite of call center solutions that allow you to proactively determine why a customer is contacting you, so you can resolve their issue easily and present them with upsell opportunities. OmniEngage can be used to proactively contact customers with past due invoices and provide them with an opportunity to immediately make a payment to the account - all without the need for an agent.

But our solutions are not just for traditional call centers. Our products can be used to track agent activity for centers that provide revenue-generating services - for instance, if your business provides help desk or consulting services for a fee.

Our call-by-call reporting can provide you with detailed call event information for tracking the number of times and duration callers used agent consulting services. These reports can be used for billing purposes to charge your customers for exact usage of agent consulting services. Based upon Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) interfaces to the switch, our Statistical Analysis Manager (SAM) product is able to provide detailed call tracking information for billing.

Reduce Overhead, Increase Revenue with MicroAutomation

Our call center automation products are designed not only to reduce operating expenses and create effortless customer experiences, but also to drive revenue when properly implemented. Coupled with our consulting services, our products can provide you with robust opportunities for revenue generation in your own call center.



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