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Improve Customer Experience

In today’s fast paced environment, consumers want answers and they want them quickly. To meet the demands of consumers, call center solutions need to be focused on reducing customer effort by supporting quick and easy transactions. Conventional wisdom is that customer loyalty is accomplished by providing good service, but research shows that loyalty is actually driven by delivering on promises and solving problems rather than exceptional service. In short, loyalty is established by reducing customer effort.

Our Interactive Voice Response (IVR) applications are designed to ensure transactions are completed with minimal customer effort. We design IVR applications according to the way users wish to consume information, instead of the typical data-centered layout.

As a result, our IVR applications achieve automation rates of 70% to 80%, while standard IVR applications automate only 25% to 30% of customer transactions.


Does the “I” in your IVR stand for “Irritating”? 

Our IVR solutions are designed to provide the maximum return on your investment by ensuring your IVR solution automates as much of the routine transactions of your call center as possible. The secret to our ROI success is the 80/20 rule – 80% of the transactions represent the routine transactions that can typically be automated for just 20% of the cost of building an all-inclusive IVR solution.

We design IVR solutions to address the 80% of routine transactions, leaving the complex transactions for your call center agents. In addition, our Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) solution allows calls to agents to be pre-screened and authenticated to streamline the time spent with the agent and save valuable agent time. Our IVR and CTI solutions save money!

Upgrade Technology

Maintaining and managing effective IVR and CTI solutions can be challenging. By its nature, IVR and CTI solutions incorporate telephony components, networking components, and database components, all of which need to be the latest versions and functioning properly in order for the systems to be effective and usable. This creates a challenge for IT professionals chartered with keeping these solutions operational and updated.

We solve this challenge by providing professional services, expertise, and monitoring tools. Our proactive monitoring system constantly checks the system in addition to individual components to ensure transactions are being processed quickly and reliably. For your IVR and CTI solution to be effective, they need to be operational and up to date. Our managed services provide you with the latest technology, monitoring and notification applications to identify problems before they occur maximizing the uptime of your solution.


"MicroAutomation delivered a great solution, on time and under tight time constraints. The company's professionals were reliable and lived up to their commitments."

Elisa Elbderbaum, IT Project Manager, Empire Medicare Services



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