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We recognize the challenge facing the banking and finance industry as customers switch the companies they do business with at an alarming rate. The trend impacts your margin at a time when your customers demand both increased excellence in customer service and a personalized experience. To combat the market pressures and grow revenue, we focus on driving proactive, consistent, personalized interactions across all channels – phone, mobile, web, text, and social. The personalized experience reduces the effort of your customers resulting in loyalty measured by retention and wallet share.

Our cloud supports Interaction Analytics to drive revenue growth within the contact center. Analytics allows you to identify selling opportunities and automate the scoring of an agent’s selling ability and overcoming objections. The OmniEngage cloud allows for proactive engagement of your customers through social, text messaging, email, and phone channels to drive revenue growth through marketing initiatives.


Delivering a consistent multi-channel service represents a challenge for banking & finance companies that maintain investments in legacy technology but need to replace or enhance existing systems to support new service channels and protect customer data.

We serve as a trusted advisor to our customers to combat the self-interests of contact center software companies seeking complete forklift upgrades to maximize their revenue. We deliver next generation technology while leveraging legacy systems to control costs, with a focus on data security and compliance. In addition, our managed services approach to technology upgrades avoids the delays and expense involved in retraining legacy staff on new solutions.


Customer care executives continue to balance the corporate directive to improve customer service levels while also reduce the overall operating costs.

We work with banking and finance clients to optimize self-service across all channels to achieve the improvements in service levels through a proactive engagement design approach. Our self-service solution guides customers to the most effective channel to resolve an issue, resulting in costs savings and improved customer experience.

Whether to check a balance, transfer funds between accounts, or sign up for service, we provide a consistent experience on all channels. Our OmniEngage Banking cloud eliminates legacy IT debt and transitions our customers to a cost effective operational expense model.


As banking and financial institutions shift strategies and transition the call center from a pure service channel to a channel of revenue generation, focus shifts to the performance of the agents to increase customer wallet share and drive consumer loyalty.

We provide a multi-channel cloud solution built to maximize agent performance across all channels – phone, chat, text, mobile, social. In addition, agent performance is maximized through the use of leading edge technologies including workforce management, gamification, and interaction analytics.

The result is a holistic customer experience across all touch points and avoid individual channel silos that force customers to restart a question or service request with an agent.




“Thank you for the great work you guys did on this project. The project you produced was professional and done on time. We will be happy to act as a reference for your company and any of our future IVR work will be coming your way.”

Clint Waite, President, Best Practice Systems

"MicroAutomation plays a major role in the success of our call center telephone operations. We can always count on MicroAutomation to guide us through any operational problems that arise during normal operations or during special initiatives."

Lynn Randolph, DMSOC Lead IT Specialist, The Bureau of the Fiscal Service, US Department of the Treasury


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