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Computer Telephony Integration

Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) allows you to improve agent productivity and enhance your call center's customer experience by linking your telephone switch to your call center applications.  Whether you are interested in implementing a simple “screen pop” application for your agents or advanced intelligent call routing, MicroAutomation is your best choice for a cost effective solution tailored to your unique requirements.  

With our flagship CTI product, CallCenter Millennium, we are able to quickly and inexpensively deploy advanced CTI solutions for popular telephone switches and standard CRM products such as SalesForce, Siebel, Pega Systems, and others. And using our fully functional lab environment to test all of our solutions with common telephone switching platforms such Avaya, Cisco, and Unify, we are able to replicate your environment and test your CTI solution before setting foot in your call center, minimizing installation and integration time. Our CTI solutions are easily configured for any environment and are designed for maximum flexibility and scalability as your contact center changes and grows.


  • Prevent callers from restating information
  • Allow agents to provide callers with faster service
  • Route calls directly the most qualified agent


  • Authenticate callers before reaching agents
  • Comprehensive reporting to measure agent effectiveness
  • Integrated workstation telephony functions


  • Out-of-the-box integration to most popular telephone switches
  • Standard interfaces to common CRM applications
  • Inexpensive CTI solution for core functions


MicroAutomation’s CTI solutions typically utilize our award-winning CallCenter Millennium products with the Enghouse CTI Connect product. Due to the flexibility of the products and the familiarity of our staff with standard telephone switches such as Avaya, Cisco, Asterisk, and Unify, we use a fixed-priced model for implementation, and implement CTI solutions as a turnkey effort.

Implementations start with a detailed Requirements Definition Kickoff meeting where the details of the infrastructure, switching platform, and CRM applications are reviewed. Our team then produces a design document describing the solution architecture and interfaces, and develops a detailed build checklist of information required from the customer regarding the call center environment. We build the solution in our lab in Centreville, Virginia and test the solution with in-house telephone switches to verify full operation of the solution. A requirements checklist is then forwarded to the customer with instructions on how to prepare the site for the solution components. 

Once the site is prepared, we dispatch the implementation to install, integrate, and test the solution at the customer site. The solution is then set up as a pilot, reviewed with the customer for Acceptance Testing, and prepared for deployment to the call center. Onsite training is available for call center agents or in a Train-The-Trainer (T3) format before the solution is rolled out to the call center.

Our proven implementation approach allows us to ensure a simple and successful deployment of a state-of-the-art CTI solution to your call center.



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