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DoD 911 Solutions

jitc certified dod solutionsFor more than 15 years, we have been a leading telephony systems integrator of Public Safety Answering Points (PSAPs) and emergency call center solutions for the U.S. Military, airports, local and federal (municipal and county) governments, both domestically and internationally. As a full-service integrator, we offer a wide range of public safety technology services including complete system design, end-to-end telephony integration, custom programming, and comprehensive customer support as part of their 911 solutions. We focus on providing an affordable upgrade path and transition to Next Generation solutions, based on NENA i3 specifications and industry best practices.

Along with our vendor partners’ solutions, we provide critical Computer Telephony Integration (CTI)-based E-911 and NG911 specific products that seamlessly integrate with all legacy and IP telephone switches. Our stable and proven CallCenter Millennium (CCM) E-911 product suite is continually updated with the latest tools for effective and flexible 911 call delivery and data access.

With our partner products, we provide the mechanism for applications to communicate across the 911 network for monitoring, supervision, and control of critical call-processing activity within an emergency call center. This includes a highly reliable client/server database capability for  Automatic Location Identification (ANI/ALI) retrieval and other third party databases that are used to support the 911 system. Our ALI system, comprised of both a server and a desktop client display, integrates with virtually any telephone switching system or Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) system, and provides NENA-compliant data formats.


  • Provides “best-of-breed” configurable systems to meet the individual needs of every client
  • Integrates with solutions from strategic partners to meet the needs of the customer


  • Provides a logical integration of technology to support Next Generation features and functions
  • Uses a combination of advanced standards-based software and middleware services
  • Offers world-class support and services through an advanced E-911 Diagnostics Dashboard (EDD) application


  • Provide cost effective, advanced functionality built on SIP technology.
  • Software driven design that eliminates complicated, expensive proprietary hardware.
  • Open Standards architecture allowing for powerful integration with CAD, IRR, TDD, ALI databases, etc.
  • Simplified implementation with faster setup and easy, custom configuration options.
  • Flexibility and affordable expansion options to accommodate future growth.


The project lifecycle defined by our Work Statement specifies a critical set of performance milestones/activities that ensure a successful implementation. The lifecycle consists of 12 activities and 4 milestones denoted by an asterisk (*):

  1. Contract award/signature
  2. Conduct Requirements Definition Study*
  3. Create Pre-Installation checklists, System Requirements, and Acceptance Test Plan documents
  4. Order equipment and assist Customer in ordering the necessary circuits
  5. Receive and verify completed checklists from Customer
  6. Pre-install and configure solution components in the lab
  1. Ship solution components to Customer site*
  2. Install and integrate pilot system on site
  3. Complete Acceptance Testing and Solution Sign-Off*
  4. Conduct training on accepted system
  5. Live cutover; begin warranty/maintenance*
  6. Project review and closure

Once the system is live, our Customer Service and Support (CSS) organization is engaged to begin maintenance support for your solution. Most of our technical support operations are designed to be handled remotely, using specialized diagnostic tools that allow us to minimize downtime, maximize responsiveness and help keep your mission critical center operational. For those occasions when on-site support is required, our technicians will travel to your site to investigate, diagnose, and resolve any problems.

Our implementation process for DoD E-911 deployments has been designed to guide the Customer through the project workflow to ensure an effortless and successful deployment.


Our state-of-the-art E-911 system:

  • Integrates various technologies into a single solution
  • Improves response times, saving more lives
  • IS DISA and JITC certified
  • Complies with NENA regulations
  • Uses open-standards technology for more easily implemented future enhancements

and more. Download your copy on the right.





Watch our Omni911 demo to see how Omni911's features improve on-the-job efficiency. These features include:

  • Flexible, scalable and customizable user interface
  • Integrated 911 technologies such as ALI, TDD, IRR and Mapping
  • Support for various communication types including voice, video, SMS, MMS and TDD
  • Integrated phone book allowing contacts to be sorted and segmented by user-defined properties
  • Integration with popular CAD and Mapping products
  • Support for legacy and Next Generation 911 environments

…and so many more, all working to maximize call taker productivity and minimize response time. Watch our Omni911 demo now.