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We recognize the current challenge facing the travel and hospitality industry, as customers utilize the advances in web, social media, and mobile applications to secure the best rates and package deals. This growing trend impacts your margin at a time when your customers demand both increased excellence in customer service and a personalized experience.

To combat the market pressures and grow revenue, we focus on driving proactive, consistent, personalized interactions across all channels – phone, mobile, web, text, and social. The personalized experience reduces the effort of your customers resulting in loyalty measured by retention and wallet share.

Our cloud supports Interaction Analytics to drive revenue growth within the contact center. Analytics allows you to identify selling opportunities and automate the scoring of an agent’s selling ability and overcoming objections. The OmniEngage cloud allows for proactive engagement of your customers through social, text messaging, email, and phone channels to drive revenue growth through marketing initiatives.


Today’s consumers demand an Omni-Channel Experience. They want information when they want it, how they want it, and immediately.

We improve the customer experience for the travel and hospitality industry by providing a true Omni-Channel environment enabling a customer to start a transaction on the web, continuing it with an agent, and finalizing it through phone self-service. The OmniEngage cloud creates a “Virtual Concierge” that allows customers to use the phone, mobile, social, and text channels to take action on notifications and achieve optimal self-service.


To counter the lower margins impacting the travel and hospitality industry, we have created the OmniEngage cloud to reduce upfront capital investment in new hardware and software while providing our clients with leading edge technology to support their business.

Our OmniEngage cloud utilizes a “Guide Me” principle to direct your customers to the most effective channel based on their current need, resulting in improved self-service containment that drives down the cost to service customers.


Delivering a consistent, multi-channel service represents a challenge for all industries, including the travel and hospitality brands that often represent early adopters of new technology.

We serve as a trusted advisor to our customers and delivers next generation technology while leveraging legacy systems to control costs. For customers considering a migration to the cloud, our OmniEngage contact center suite provides next generation technology.


"I wanted to send my thanks and congratulations to the MicroAutomation team for a very smooth cutover to the new technology. The project is so crucial to our long-term strategy and I cannot thank MicroAutomation enough for the focus and dedication it took to make this complex migration project look easy. Thank you so much!"

Barry Hoffman, Director, Information Technology, Hilton Worldwide


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