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The Time to Migrate to Next Generation 911 Is Now

As the widespread adoption of Next Generation 911 rapidly approaches, many PSAPs are still waiting until a sufficient infrastructure exists before transitioning their PSAP to NG911. While the “wait and see” approach is appealing from an investment perspective, if you are a PSAP, you may quickly find yourself in a position where you cannot meet the needs of your community.

Omni911 allows PSAPs to be “Next Generation 911 Ready” with the communication features they need to meet the needs of their citizens.


How Omni911 Can Help You

Omni911 is a Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP) solution designed to meet the requirements of Next Generation 911 (NG911). The solution combines advanced software design, cloud-ready architecture and NENA i3-standard technology into a complete PSAP solution ready for the next generation of 911 service.

Omni911 is not simply a rebadged legacy system with new features; it has been designed from the ground up to meet the demands of NG911. It integrates seamlessly with the latest IP networking technologies that are rapidly forming the fabric of our communications network in North America.




We Designed Omni911 Based on Experience

Calling upon 25 years of experience, our dedicated MicroAutomation team designed Omni911 to be flexible enough to adapt to the evolving Next Generation 911 standards. We did this by leveraging the capabilities and best practices currently used in contact centers to to produce a product positioned for the next generation of 911. The result? Omni911.

In its simplest form, Omni911 can support the needs of a single PSAP in a standalone or redundant configuration. For larger environments or multi-tenant configurations, Omni911 can be deployed in a hosted environment and be accessed from multiple PSAP locations. A cloud-based solution can also implemented by deploying the server components in data centers coupled with CAD and GIS software in a similar configuration.

Move to NG911 with Omni911 and Keep Pace With What's to Come

Omni911 can be deployed in legacy 911 environments today to support standard E-911 features. Integration with existing telephone circuits (e.g. CAMA) is handled seamlessly through the use of simple gateway devices. But Omni911's value is more than what it can do for you today.

By utilizing open standards, Omni911 avoids proprietary hardware and software components and remains flexible to grow with your changing needs as a PSAP and evolving technology. And as Next Generation 911 standards evolve, Omni911 will keep pace with the new requirements and standards. The flexible design of Omni911 allows for new windows to be introduced for new features when available for little or no additional investment. So, Omni911 can support your NG911 requirements today, and be ready to support NG911 features as they become available tomorrow.



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How Can Emergency Operations Professionals Improve Response Times?

Omni911_Demo.pngOmni911 is an advanced communication tool that combines enhanced 9-1-1 capabilities with state-of-the-art Voice Over IP technology. Designed to maximize efficiency and allow the user to access 9-1-1 features critical to emergency operations, Omni911 supports the wide array of communications used by today's citizens.

Take advantage of Next Generation 9-1-1 features.

Watch our Omni911 demo to see how Omni911's features improve on-the-job efficiency. 

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