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Next Generation Solutions

Contact Center Strategies for Digital Deflection


Find the right balance between effective customer engagement and practical investment.

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Next Generation 9-1-1 Enabled PSAP Solutions

microautomation partners with you to deliver a user centric PSAp solution

MicroAutomation has the most stable and flexible solution for high performing PSAPs.

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What We Do

Contact Center Optimization

We’ll help you improve customer service and customer loyalty through better processes and the right technology for your company.

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Contact Center In The Cloud

Learn how to leverage the most advanced cloud-based contact center solutions to reduce costs and increase productivity.

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Self-Service Solutions

Guide customers to complete transactions with little effort by using personalized self-service across all customer service channels.

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Next Generation 911

We’ll help you keep up with technology advancements in 911 communication by guiding you through a smooth transition to Next Generation 911.

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What We Don't Do ⇨

  • We do not staff call centers.
  • We do not operate a call center for your outsourcing needs.
  • We do not sell or service Private Branch Exchanges (PBXs).

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MicroAutomation delivered a great solution, on time and under tight time constraints. The company's professionals were reliable and lived up to their commitments.

- Elisa Elderbaum, IT Project Manager, Empire Medicare Services

Best Practices In Proactive Customer Engagement

Learn How IVR Maximizes Your Call Center Technology ROI

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